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GalCiv IV: Supernova v1.55 Early Access Update

Published on Thursday, June 1, 2023 By Frogboy In GalCiv IV News

v1.55 - Introducing New Features and Major Balance Overhauls


We're excited to announce the release of GalCiv IV: Supernova v1.55, a significant step forward. This update brings a collection of new features, key balance changes, and improvements that will transform your intergalactic adventures. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Gameplay Overhaul: Expect a major rework of the technology tree, including an entirely new approach to Exotic World colonization, Interstellar cabinet, and Space Weapons. We've fully rebalanced the AI's tech prioritization, and you can look forward to seeing them focusing more on weapons and hull research. 

  2. New Anomaly Events: We've introduced several new anomaly events to keep things fresh. If you've been tired of the "stealth field", you're in for a treat!

  3. Improved Ship Mechanics: Ships can now attack multiple times per turn as well as invade multiple times per turn if that's applicable.

  4. Custom Factions: We've improved AlienGPT and added a host of improved abilities for civilizations including new citizen types.

  5. Economy and Diplomacy Tuning: Trade routes have been revamped to be more valuable, with their value multiplier increased from 15% to 33%. Various factions, including the Banking Clan and Capitalist Society, have undergone balance tweaks to offer a more fair and engaging gameplay experience.

  6. You can move your Civ Capital. Enough said. We've also done a full balance pass on planetary improvements.
  7. Many many small and large improvements: We've been spying on you as much as we can. Or at least, we've been reading your feedback and have jammed as much as we can into this.

NOTE: This update will break the previous version's (1.51).  If you have a game in progress you want to finish, you can use the 1.51 branch. Read here to learn more.

We hope these updates will significantly improve your game experience in the GalCiv IV universe. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on these new features and improvements.

Full change log:

  • Update siege ship strategic icons and stat icons.
  • Resized faction logos resized to reduce scaling artifacts.
  • Visual display of ship hull sizes modified to make it easier to view them in battle.
  • You should see fewer "failed generate error" messages.
  • Fixed the Voyagers ability to actually for realsies give a +2 moves, +2 sensors.
  • "Hive Mind" ability HP buff in territory decreased from 25 to 5.
  • Several new anomaly events (tired of the "stealth field" yet?).
  • "Grand festival" length decreased from 25 turns to 12.
  • Major rework of technology tree.
    • Full rebalance of the AI prioritization of techs to get it to better research weapons and better hulls.
    • Exotic World colonization replaces the myriad of specialty planet types techs.
    • Interstellar cabinet replaces the myriad of "Ministry of X" techs.
    • Space Weapons. Early game tech to give some additional weapons before specialization.
    • Point Defense tech tree removed (point defenses and other specific weapon counters will become part of a specialized defense branch later along with new evasion techs).
    • Beam weapon theory renamed Directed Energy Weapons.
    • Space Lasers (sigh) renamed Photonic Alignment.
    • Devastator Missile System renamed to Phoenix Missile System to match the weapon it gives.
    • Shrunk the size of the cruiser tech description.
    • Removed drones as a resource / element of the game until we can do something more interesting with them.
  • Self Determinism now grants 3 leaders.
  • Ministers unlocked mostly between Interstellar cabinet, political capital and colonial bureaucracy.
  • Various exotic world planet types (like radioactive worlds) are unlocked by a single tech: Exotic World Colonization.
  • Several new ship components for early game use.
  • Ideology naming updated to fit new culture system.
  • Festron no longer take a penalty for not being on an aquatic world because they don't actually like water. They're not water bugs. They're bug bugs and prefer jungle which they now get a huge morale boost of if they're on those worlds.
  • Invite leader cooldown reduced from 50 to 10, control cost increased from 10 to 20.
  • Trade route value multiplier increased from 15% to 33% to make trade routes more valuable.
  • The number of Trade licenses greatly reduced.
  • Tech Inflation multiplier reduced from 11% to 10%.
  • Number of rounds in a battle increased from 40 to 100 so that battles have a better chance to play out.
  • YOU CAN MOVE THE CAPITAL. Players can destroy their capital and then place it on any tile they want.
  • Colony capitals can now be destroyed and relocated as well.
  • Civ capital maintenance removed.
  • Durantium Processor level bonus increased from 1% to manufacturing to 3%.
  • A new upgraded research project added.
  • Garrison now increases Planetary Defense instead of Resistance.
  • More improvements moved to earlier in the tech tree.
  • Low quality planets now rarely have any food output to make food more valuable.
  • Coerced colonization approval penalty increased from 5% to 15%.
  • Hull Reinforcing changed form providing 25 HP to every ship to 20% (percent) buff to a ship.
  • Major Prestige Victory balance pass. Should feel a lot better.
  • Siege Ships are now Frigate class.
  • Carriers are now Dreadnought sized.
  • Siege ship template changed from medium to small.
  • Tactical speed of ships altered to be better balanced.
  • Cruiser hull Manufacturing cost increased from 40 to 100.
  • Battleship hull manufacturing cost increased from 100 to 300.
  • Dreadnought hull manufacturing cost increased from 250 to 1000.
  • Dreadnought hull usable space increased from 32 to 36.
  • Updated starbase modules to fit with the updated tech tree.
  • Various command ship requirements updated for new tech tree.
  • Banking Clan faction diplomacy penalty increased from 0.5% to 1%
  • Capitalist Society faction gross income buff changed from a flat 1 per intelligence of leader to a 1% buff to income per intelligence of leader while increased the approval penalty from 0.1% to 0.5% per social.
  • Emporium faction Bazaar discount changed from 0.005 flat to 0.5% per intelligence of leader added wile Crime is now increased by 0.01% per diligence of that leader.
  • Trade routes no longer create the trade ship mission. Kills perf. 
  • Minister of Finance provided a 1% buff per colony income per intelligence.
  • Minister of Defense now provides a Planetary Defense buff instead of resistance.
  • Cleaned up which ideology gets a buff from event choices.
  • Cleaned up ideology buffs based on event choices.
  • AI ships will no longer bother with marginal colonies unless it can take them in less than 2 turns.
  • Improvements to AI tax rate handling some issues with the way the AI was choosing techs to research.
  • Planets will rebel much faster than before.
  • Fix to the galactic market changed to simply see if they have the universal translator. No fancy stuff.
  • Economic Power no longer takes the treasury into account.
  • Much bigger approval penalty from high crime.
  • HP buff to ships based on # of colonies is now the square root of the # of colonies rather than linear.
  • Raw fleet weapon rating greatly reduced for determining the siege rating of a fleet.
  • Update to support cheesing of building capital improvements on all your planets.
  • Renamed Explorers ability to Voyagers.
  • Lots of new lines of text for the AI to speak to the player rather than "we want peace".
  • Trader renamed Independent Trade ship.
  • Prison World explains what it does now
  • General UI text update to fit better on screens (especially for people in Germania) and clearer descriptions of stats.
  • Forum link now goes directly the GalCiv IV sub-forum.
  • 3 new citizen types: Avian, Canine, Feline. 
  • Placed limit on AI Freighter construction 
  • Improved Map Generation 
  • Tiny maps are now slightly bigger. 
  • Fixed common, abundant black holes over spawning. 
  • Updated Orders menu to display the relevant stat each profession uses. 
  • Damage numbers no longer float off before they do damage on hit.
  • Adjusted the tactical speed of ships.
  • Terror stars always show up in the battle replay
  • Custom faction Traits tab to fit single column
  • Make sure that when you edit the name and short name fields, the faction data is updated
  • Strip additional invalid characters from the "name" and "short name" fields.
  • Custom factions no longer default to Totalitarianism.
  • Fixed a problem where the Steam authentication cache silently fails.
  • Abundant map setting resources balanced.
  • Massive change to the cultural trait system.
  • Consolidated cultural traits used to create factions.
  • AI manages its defenders better.
  • AI players won't start covering worlds until much later.
  • Fixed missing anomalies.
  • Fleets automatically form at rally points.
  • Made it so that sentinels only attack ships.
  • Make fleets can attack more than once per turn.
  • Updated AI to use a new ship class system.
  • When you pick a given ideology, ALL of them increase the cost by N, not just the one in that tree.
  • Yor home system always starts with a Durantium resource.
  • If the player has a strong military, some civs will give you some respect.
  • New Mercenary added.
  • Set up data for commander ships for Korath and Seeing.
  • Fixed broken triggers on anomalies.
  • Added missing Tech prereqs.
  • Added misused Tech prereqs on events.
  • Slight buff to the conquest ability.
  • Compassion Trait now gives the correct approval bonus.
  • Fairness trait only gives 1 colony ship now.
  • Synthetic life civs can no longer get the "Dwindling Numbers" event.
  • The "Culture Clash" event is now using the correct strings.
  • The Starport improvement restored.
  • Removed cultural awareness buffs from improvements.
  • Precursor Accelerator event:
    • Changed "Individualism" choice to improve planetary defense.
    • Removed "Totalitarianism" choice (was OP).
  • Fixed ideology effects from the "Legacy" and "Prototype" events.
  • Crimelords get a new executive order: Impress Constructors. Make the workers an offer they can't refuse.
  • New improvement: Heritage Center. Early game tourism improvement.
  • Terror Stars no longer show up in the cargo hulls when you play as the Terrans.
  • Fairness culture trait now correctly spawns a colony ship.
  • Trade routes create a mission ship.
  • The Festron are NOT aquatic.
  • Festron homeworld is no longer aquatic.
  • Bazaar is now unlocked by the "Universal Translator."
  • Fixed a problem where if you unlocked the bazaar and then started a new game, the bazaar was unlocked at the start. Bizarre!
  • Steam achievements are now enabled.
  • Make asteroids go to the nearest core world, not the nearest colony.
  • Added more Anomaly images.
  • Big changes to the culture tree:
    • Iron Fist control reward increased from 50 to 100
    • Fairness now spawns 3 colony ships.
    • Deep Investigation spawns a bunch of anomalies.
    • Kindness now spawns 3 constructors with it
    • Individualism(new) - Lowers decay, the player is awarded a flagship.
    • Added a bunch of new placeholder traits that aren't functioning yet.
    • Getting a trait increases only the discount for the next tech by 1%.
  • Shorten some of the quest events that were too long.
  • Changed references of "Empire" to "Civilization"
  • Cultural affinity choice now gives a 25% upfront discount.
  • Updated resistance bonus description.
  • Inconsistent improvement warnings have been removed (for now).
  • Military consistently renamed to Shipyard Production.
  • Tweaked culture window
  • Planetary Crime tooltip breakdown is less confusing.
  • Removed redundant stat breakdowns in the Planetary defense tooltip.
  • The planet tooltip for colonies shows who they send their resources to at the bottom of the
  • The Y and N keys should no longer hide the shipyard window.
  • We are updating our combat U.I to display battle rating, conquest, and HP stats. Screens updated so far include:
    • Ship design "stats" box
    • Starbase and Shipyards
    • Battle start and results screen
  • Changed distances to be consistently measured in KM
  • Disable Tech brokering by default.
  • Improve the Rally Point UX flow. Now you click on the map to set the point, rather than going
    through a series of menus.
  • Mission Rewards are now in whole numbers, not fractions (e.g., you won't get 1.45 Elerium as a
    reward anymore).
  • Resource Popup should show how much you already have.
  • The splash screen is longer stretched on ultrawide screens.
  • The tech tooltips need to show what stats they change.
  • Update Planet Tool tip icons to be consistent with the yield tokens.
  • Made a pass on all techs and ensure they are color coded most sensibly and aesthetically.
  • Show Ship Range on the ship tooltip and ship details.
  • Upgrade Window - Text is no longer cut off for the lowest line of text.
  • Fleet names no longer include their faction's name and instead just uses their call sign (e.g., TAS if playing as Terrans).
  • Anomaly alerts now display the event name, description, and choice.
  • Updated Starbase Missile Salvo text.
  • Fix String issue with "Pirate" Frigate and Cruiser. The name was given to the Onyx and the Baratak.
  • Disabling the Tutorial really really disables the Tutorial robot.
  • The options screen only warns of restart needed due to graphics changes only if you've actually changed the graphics.
  • Move the controls so that they're docked to the top bar. 
  • Shrink the writing in the log such that you can fit 2 more rows. 
  • Increase the size so that it goes to the very bottom. 
  • Fix missing ideology traits in custom civs created in builds prior to v1.55. 
  • Prevent core world capital from being able to be built on the capital world. 
  • The Shipyard manufacturing value is now referencing the correct number  
  • Updated battle viewer combat stat displays to just battle rating and HP 
  • Update Galaxy Settings slider icons for Minors, and Entities. 
  • Updated the Bazaar popup card to support one more line. 
  • Make more room for long custom faction names on the turn button. 

Good luck!