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Sins II: Dev Journal 9 - The Ankylon Titan

Published on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

The TEC Ankylon-class titan is the pinnacle of loyalist Trader wartime technology. Literally a mobile fortress city, the Ankylon is a flexible cornerstone for loyalist forces. As the newest warship in the loyalist arsenal, the Ankylon features powerful defensive abilities and 18 medium autocannon turrets around the ship.

Optional Defense Upgrades for the Ankylon-class Titan

  • Hull Plating (3 levels): Greatly increases the Armor, Hull Points and passive Hull Point regeneration of the titan, allowing it to soak more damage in battle.

  • Planetary Shield Array: Projects a defensive shield around the nearby planet, preventing it from taking damage from orbital bombardment.

  • Point-Defense Autocannons x18: Adds 18 point-defense autocannons to the titan, granting defense coverage around the ship.

  • Flak Burst: Adds special flak launchers to the titan, which fire clouds of shrapnel at nearby strikecraft and missiles.

  • Combat Repair System: Augments the Ankylon’s already impressive passive regeneration capabilities with an active upgrade option. Significantly boosts hull regeneration when activated.

Optional Offensive Upgrades for the Ankylon-class Titan

  • Auxiliary Hangar: Adds a large hangar bay to the titan, granting it the ability to deploy 8 squadrons of strikecraft.

  • Beam Cannons x8: Adds a full array of 8 beam weapons to the Ankylon - 4 each on the fore and aft of the vessel. Each cannon is capable of independent firing.

  • Missile Batteries x8: Deployed on both the starboard and port sides of the ship, a total of 8 missile batteries are added to the titan.

  • Radiation Bomb x2: Adds 2 Radiation Bombs to the titan which do damage over time in a small area.

  • Targeting Array: A special internal computer upgrade system that provides a significant boost the weapon range.

  • Rapid Autoloader: Increases the reload rates of the titan’s physical weapons for a period of time, letting it fire faster and deal more damage.

  • Missile Guidance Computer: A powerful enhancement to the titan which increases missile damage greatly. This affects not only the titan, but all nearby friendly ships.

  • High Yield Warheads: There are times when an enemy world must be brought to heel. This upgrade upgrades the ship’s planetary bombardment cannon arsenal to be much more lethal.

Optional Utility Upgrades for the Ankylon-class Titan

  • Derelict Specialist Team: Adds a dedicated retrieval team to the Ankylon to aid in the recovery of captured derelicts.

  • Antimatter Engine: Passively boosts the ship’s maximum antimatter storage and recharge rate.

  • Deploy Argonov Starbase: Allows the Ankylon to deploy an Argonov-class starbase in the current gravity well.

  • Tactical Analyst: Adds a tactical specialist to the crew, which allows the ship to gain XP faster.

  • Volatile Accelerants: A special support ability that boosts the speed of nearby ships for a short time. Causes minor damage to the affected units.

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