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not possible to attain 100% Steam achievements

Published on Friday, October 13, 2023 By FoxwithredSox2078 In Legendary Heroes

Dear devs,


I recently decided to complete the 100% achievements on Steam for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.

I currently lack the win with Capitar and Gilden as well as the recruitment of Tuatha and Raza. Now as Gilden and Capitar are rather self-explaining, I decided to search the internet for information regarding the two missing heroes. It seems to be established that both heroes are for kingdom factions only and that they appear in the 50/100 fame milestones.

However, after several days of trying and testing, they have not yet shown themselves. Yesterday, I watched a 1h25min documentary while reloading a save game I made with Capitar prior to obtaining the 50 fame milestone. After about 30 minutes of constant reloading and re-rolling the heroes and still no show, I have decided to move on to the 100 fame milestone and try my luck there. After the documentary was over I still didn't see either Tuatha or Raza. Today I have run similar procedures with other kingdom factions, without success. As both heroes are lorewise "area based" (swamp and desert), I have also unsuccessfully tried to summon them on a swamp and desert map.

On the other side, I managed to get both Nen and Gallowman with the Imperials after only testing about 3 minutes.

This leads me to believe that the current state of the game does not allow players to attain the 100% Steam achievement.

I know the game is quite old but nevertheless I would like to kindly ask somebody to look into this matter. I think the chances for both heroes have been accidentally set to 0 or their popping chances have been attached to other conditions.


Please be so kind as to inform me concerning this issue.

Kind regards.

CaIandra / Foxwithredsox