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Steam Playtest Now Available for The Political Machine 2024

Published on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 By redskittlesonly In Political Machine News

Pre-order Customers can now Participate in the Steam Playtest 

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Pre-Order Customers; Get into the Playtest

Stardock announced that the latest iteration of its hit political strategy series, The Political Machine 2024 entered its playtest phase today. The game, which allows players to simulate a run for the American presidency, features an updated roster of politicians and introduces new gameplay mechanics that reflect the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. politics. 

The Political Machine 2024 allows players to step into the shoes of current political figures like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, and Nikki Haley, or create a fully customized candidate through the game's character customization system.  

Building on the series’ robust political simulation model, which has been recognized by major news outlets for its accuracy in predicting previous election outcomes, the 2024 edition adds some much-requested features. Play testers will have the exclusive opportunity to experience these new additions in the 2024 version, including: 

  • Primaries: Players can choose to run against other candidates to win their party’s nomination for President. 
  • Debates: Candidates will face each other in a simulated debate on the issues of the day. 
  • PACs (Political Action Cards): Players can use these to bolster their campaign or thwart their opponents. 

At its core, The Political Machine 2024 is a sophisticated simulator, where each state's political leanings and issues are meticulously researched and updated to reflect the latest demographic data and current political climate. Players with a deep understanding of the real-world political landscape will discover a game that rewards strategic thinking and political savvy. 

"At Stardock, we value player feedback as a cornerstone of game development. By inviting fans into the game prior to release, we foster a collaborative environment where their input directly shapes the final, polished experience." said Brad Wardell, Creative Director of Stardock.  

Stardock invites players to explore the nuances between candidates within the same party, appreciating the ideological spectrum that differentiates a Democrat like Bernie Sanders from one like Dean Phillips, or a Republican like Ron Desantis from Ted Cruz.  

Pre-order customers of The Political Machine 2024 can now gain access to the game ahead of its full release. The Political Machine 2024 remains available for pre-order on Steam and includes a free pre-order bonus, the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' DLC. 


How to Access the Playtest

Thank you for your interest in participating in the playtest for The Political Machine 2024! To ensure a smooth experience, please follow the steps below based on your current status. **Please note, pre-ordering The Political Machine 2024 is a mandatory step to gain access to the playtest.**

If You Have Already Pre-Ordered The Political Machine 2024:

  1. Access the Playtest Page: Click on the following link to go to the playtest page on our website:

  2. Follow On-Site Instructions: Once you arrive at the playtest page, please read and follow the instructions carefully to access the playtest.


If You Haven't Pre-Ordered the Game Yet:

How to Activate your Steam key:

  1. Log in to your Steam account
  2. Click Add a Game in the bottom left corner
  3. Select Activate a Product on Steam
  4. Click Next
  5. Click I Agree
  6. Enter your game code and click Next
  7. Double-click the game in your library to install it

We're excited to have participants in the playtest and appreciate the support for The Political Machine 2024. Enjoy the game, and we look forward to your feedback!



Pre-Order Now
Pre-Order Customers; Get into the Playtest