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Start11 doesn't start at startup and high-cpu Explorer process

Published on Thursday, February 29, 2024 By StartingUp In Everything Else

Hello, since a couple of weeks I am experiencing a rather annoying issue with my PC running Windows 11 23H2, with February 2024 patches.

At boot time, Start11 doesn't not show. Instead, the Explorer is consuming constantly about 15% of CPU time, and looking deeper in the process details it appears all the consumed CPU time is eaten by a thread hooked to a Start10_64.dll entry point. As said, it seems this happens since the installation of the latest Microsoft patches, and it happens both with the latest Start11 non-beta version, as well as with the latest beta version (2.06.3) which I am currently running.

Matter of fact, by killing and restarting the Explorer process normally it starts also Start11 and the system behaves as it should (that is, CPU is not consumed, Explorer process is at its typical CPU usage, i.e. 0.5 to 2%)

I am attaching a couple of screen snapshots showing the reported issue.