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Sins II: Dev Journal 17 - The Vasari Kortul Devastator

Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 By Yarlen In Sins II Dev Journals

The Kortul Devastator battleship class has been the backbone of the Vasari military since the days of the old empire. Within the Exodus Fleet, the Kortul still performs as a powerful sustained combat ship, but also houses many civilians as well. The Kortul’s high powered weapons are designed to make short work of armored targets and its special abilities allow it to remain in combat for a prolonged period.



  • 3 x Fixed Wave Cannons

  • 7 x Phase Missile Launchers

  • 6 x Beam Cannon Turrets

  • Planetary Bombardment Beam Cannon

  • Hangar Bay (1-3 squadrons)

Special Abilities

  • Power Surge: Greatly increases the Kortul’s weapons fire rate and restores shields over time.

  • Jam Weapons: Disperses nanites in a radius around the Kortul, which causes the weapons of affected enemies to reload more slowly.

  • Disrupt Armor: Grants the Kortul’s weapons the ability to destabilize the target’s hull, applying a stacking armor penalty.

  • Volatile Nanites: Afflicts enemy forces with a film of explosive nanites. These cause increased damage when attacked by the Kortul and deal damage to nearby enemies upon the target’s death.

The Kortul can be customized for additional combat situations with the addition of special ship items:

Optional Offensive Upgrades

  • Nano Attack Swarm (3 uses): A swarm of nanites damage the targeted enemy and then continue to damage it over time.

  • Beam Modulator: Uses advanced modulation of the ship’s beam cannons to increase damage. Can be set to an ‘active’ state to greatly increase the damage for a time.

  • Phase Missile Augments: Customizes warhead launchers and targeting systems specifically for the Kortul, improving the damage of all phase missiles.

  • Wave Modulator: Modulates wave cannons before firing to maintain a more stable waveform. This both increases wave cannon damage and increases their fire rate.

Optional Defensive Upgrades

  • Nano Repair Swarm: Nanites repair the hull and armor of the targeted ally unit.

  • Phase Attenuated Shield: Extends the inner edge of the Kortul’s shield into phase space, increasing the speed of shield regeneration. Also provides a large passive bonus to shield burst restore points.

  • Self-Repairing Armor: Experimental nanites are installed to enable armor regeneration while in combat and to rapidly restore armor capacity in an emergency.

  • Bomber Armor: With a limited population, keeping bomber pilots alive is a top priority for the Vasari. As such, this upgrade was developed to retrofit each bomber strikecraft with additional armor and armor strength.


Optional Utility Upgrades

  • Nano Catalyzer Swarm (5 uses): Adds packages of energized nanites that rapidly restore antimatter to the targeted ally unit during combat.

  • Gravity Stabilizer: An advanced system upgrade that stabilizes and normalizes gravity in the vicinity of the ship, granting it greater speed and maneuverability.

  • Resonance Amplifier: Adds an onboard system that allows the ship to amplify and extend the duration of Phase Resonance effects.

  • Antimatter Recharger: Greatly improves the Kortul’s antimatter recharge rate.

  • Deploy Orkulus Starbase (1 use): Prepares an Orkulus starbase build package that can be deployed at foreign gravity wells.

  • Deploy Phase Gate (1 use): Prepares a permanent Phase Gate build package that can be deployed at foreign gravity wells.

Optional Infrastructure Upgrades

Of course, the Vasari Exodus faction has the ability to return to a fully mobile state once the appropriate technology is unlocked. To maintain a mobile empire, all Exodus capital ships and titans have the option of hosting Infrastructure.

  • Mobile Empire Lab: Adds an onboard holding facility to sure that there are always live subjects to test genetic, social and nanotech advances on.

  • Mobile Warfare Lab: Integrates a specialized onboard lab to safely isolate high energy field tests and hostile nanite culturing.

  • Mobile Adjunct Lab: Adds onboard data relays and support labs to increase the speed of all research conducted by the Exodus Fleet.

  • Mobile Exotic Factory: Integrates an Exotic Factory into the Kortul, allowing it to forge exotic resources.

  • Mobile Rulership: Moves the capital of the Exodus faction to the Kortul. This allows the empire to survive without the need of any planets.

  • Mobile Fleet Beacon: Allows the Kortul to remotely summon all types of ships from the Dark Fleet to its location.

  • Mobile Resonance Capacitor: Permanently integrates a Phase Resonance capacitor into the Kortul, storing it for as long as it survives.