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Getting the GalCiv gang back together

Galactic Civilizations II (not III) was released a long time ago.  Since then, most of the people who worked on the game have remained at Stardock but not everyone.  However, over the past year or so, we've been lucky enough to recruit and or contract back some of the original members to return working on new Galactic Civilizations efforts.   [read more]

1/19/2021 By Frogboy in GalCiv III Dev Journals

GalCiv at the end of 2020

It's hard to believe that GalCiv III was released over 5 years ago.  Since then, we've had a few major expansions and a lot of DLC. As we enter 2021, we have finally reached the stage where GalCiv III won't be seeing any new DLC but will continue to get updates in the form of balance, fixes and performance improvements as we find them.  Updates will be less frequent as QA time is particularly precious right now. We are very proud of how Galactic Civilizations III evolved.  W... [read more]

12/25/2020 By Frogboy in GalCiv III Dev Journals

Featured Community-Made Mods from GalCiv III

Round 2, Fight! Sorry. I got carried away there... We're back for another round of my favorite GalCiv III mods created by the community! If you've not had an opportunity to check out the mods below, I highly advise taking a look. Spokes [Download] Created by xaaaaguuuu Three massive black holes drawing all matter towards them. Stars and planets are grouped with some pirate activity in outlying star clusters. Spokes is an Immense sized map with a lot of cool features. I especial... [read more]

12/11/2020 By MindlessMe in GalCiv III Dev Journals

A Timeline of the Evolution of Content in Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III launched in 2015 just a month or two before I joined the team at Stardock. From my first day here, this particular title was my training ground as I navigated my new job and learned all of the products the marketing team is responsible for.  It feels appropriate, then, as I pass my 5 year Stardock anniversary, that I take a look at GalCiv III and all of the expansions and DLC we’ve released over the years to continue making it a vast, enjoyable, exciting ... [read more]

11/24/2020 By Tatiora in GalCiv III Dev Journals

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