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GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #7 - What's New in Supernova

A recap of what Galactic Civilizations isTo recap, Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova is a turn-based 4X space strategy game set in the 24th century with players taking on the role of leader of a civilization that has just developed faster than light (FTL) travel. Supernova adds an additional layer – civilizations are on the verge of discovery subspace streams which allow for intergalactic travel.Civilizations must explore their area of space, expand their influence through colonizing an... [read more]

3/30/2023 By Frogboy in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Announced Today!

Stardock Announces Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova  An array of new features and improvements include brand-new civilizations, Terror Star units, improved systems, and much more   Stardock, a leading developer of 4X strategy and simulation games, announced the launch Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova, the latest installment in their acclaimed Galactic Civilizations franchise today.    Explore an enhanced ideology system by building up Cultural Points ... [read more]

3/30/2023 By Tatiora in GalCiv IV News

NOW AVAILABLE: Galactic Civilizations IV v1.12 Update

Galactic Civilizations IV v1.12 update is here with fixes, balance updates, and performance improvements Read the changelogIt's here: the v1.12 update for Galactic Civilizations IV! In v1.12, we focused on fixing issues, all the way from minor typo corrections to some bigger problems, like ship components that weren't working properly. Some community members also expressed confusion about why the rush button wasn't working, so we included a tool tip there that explains why it isn't avail... [read more]

3/23/2023 By Tatiora in GalCiv IV News

GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #6 - Technology and Ideology Changes

Greetings, fellow space explorers! It's time for another exciting update on the development of GalCiv IV: Supernova. Today, we're going to talk about some changes coming to the technology tree and ideologies. First up, let's talk about the technology tree. Technology choices are currently random in GalCiv IV, and while this added an element of unpredictable gameplay and replayability, it could also be frustrating when you desperately needed a specific technology and it just wouldn't show up... [read more]

3/23/2023 By Design_Zack in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

Sins II: Dev Journal 7 - The Argonev Starbase

Although recognized as powerful battlestations, the Argonev-class starbases began their lives as civilian structures. Prior to the war, the Argonev served as orbital cities where families lived, major commerce hubs were established, and ships serviced on their treks across Trader space. By War Year 15 the TEC had determined that these massive bases would need to be repurposed for the war effort. Many of the civilian accommodations were removed to free up space for military hardware and const... [read more]

3/21/2023 By Yarlen in Sins II Dev Journals

NOW AVAILABLE: Sins of a Solar Empire II - Technical Preview 4

Technical Preview 4 Features a Multiplayer Refresh, TEC Rebel Gameplay Updates, Research Improvements, and More Read the full changelogGreetings, Sins II players! Thanks to everyone who played during our opt-in period and sent us any bug reports or weird issues that you came across. Your diligence helps us deliver the best game possible, and we're happy to let you know that Technical Preview 4 is now officially released.Before we talk about what's in the new update, here's an important note: ... [read more]

3/16/2023 By Tatiora in Sins II News

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