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Cosmic Chaos – 22nd August 2020

Time: 22nd August, 1600 UTC / 12 PM (1200) EST Lobby Name: Cosmic Chaos Slots: 6-10 Type: PVP / PVE This weekend we are playing some simple, plain, unmodded Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Our games will be started at the listed time, but will open the lobby a few minutes before start. We will aim to do a team PVP game running for roughly 2-3 hours at accelerated speeds. Please be in voice chat on the Sins of a Solar Empire official discord server. The specific channel in di... [read more]

8/20/2020 By SchismNavigator in Sins News

NOW AVAILABLE: The Political Machine 2020 - Founding Fathers DLC and FREE v1.3 Update

Get Ready, Pundits! The Founding Fathers DLC & HUGE Update Have ArrivedBattle for your spot in the White House against the founding fathers of America! In the new Founding Fathers DLC, you'll play as political heavyweights like George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and more. Do you have what it takes to go down in history?Get the DLC Now: From Steam | From Stardock DLC FEATURES New Candidates  None of the founding fathers could predict where the world woul... [read more]

8/11/2020 By Tatiora in Political Machine News

Ashes of the Singularity v2.0 Changes

Changelog for what I'm working on for Ashes v2.0:   Structure Changes Quantum Archive radioactive cost increased from 300 to 400Quantum Relay radioactive cost increased from 300 to 400PHC Refinery radioactive cost increased from 300 to 600, time increased from 90 to 120.  This was done to decrease early game use of it.Unit ChangesThe big change here is that the Substrate units that had armor have had it removed.  Instead, shields have been slightly increased and shield re... [read more]

5/31/2020 By Frogboy in Ashes Dev Journals

NOW AVAILABLE: v1.2 for The Political Machine 2020 adds McCain and Obama, Infinite Points mode, and more!

John McCain and Barack Obama have entered the race!Greetings from The Political Machine Development Bunker.  While Shelter-In-Place rules have us working from home, that hasn't stopped the updates from flowing! Today we released v1.2, with two new highly-requested candidates - each with their own unique Ideology Tree - and several quality of life improvements that should make fans pretty happy.Read on to see what changes we've brought with the update!NEW CANDIDATES A blast from the Pol... [read more]

5/20/2020 By ScottTykoski in Political Machine News

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.95 Released

Ironclad Games and Stardock are happy to announce the release of v1.95 for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion today. This is a minor update with the following changes: Change Log: Fixed accidental double damage on weapon defense structures and hangar defense structures. AI squad owners (e.g., hangar defense, carriers, etc.) now autodock their squadrons when there are no enemy units in the gravity well. Fixed Pacifist Society planet bonuses on PlanetBarren and PlanetBarrenFair. [read more]

5/14/2020 By Yarlen in Sins News

NOW AVAILABLE: Galactic Civilizations III 5th Anniversary Update and Worlds in Crisis DLC

Galactic Civilizations III 5th Anniversary Update and Worlds in Crisis DLC are Now Available Experience new world crises, planet types and traits, plus visual and balance improvements with v4.0Galactic Civilizations III Also available through Stardock  Worlds in Crisis DLC Also available through StardockEvery world has a story, and it’s up to you to decide how it ends.  In Worlds in Crisis, you will encounter a host of new world events with ideological choices that... [read more]

5/12/2020 By Tatiora in GalCiv III News

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