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  • Create your own Windows icons
  • Convert any image into an icon
  • Edit your existing icons
  • Customize the color of any icon


Easily create and edit your own Windows icons. Enjoy seamless support for all Windows icon formats.

Icons shown can be found on

Icon set By Iconshock_web_icons, martinlo64 and FastIcon
IconDeveloper UI - Select the sizes and color depths of the icons you want to create.


Convert your JPG, PNG or BMP images into the Windows .ICO icon file format. You can also choose the size and color depth of the icons you create.

Right-click on any image file to quickly open it with IconDeveloper to begin creating a new icon.


Customize icons already on your PC or download free icons from and create new color and size combinations to suite your needs.

IconDeveloper logo
IconDeveloper UI - Export image(s)


Reverse the process and convert any icon back into a PNG or BMP image file.

Create and edit your own Windows icons

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10/8.1/7
  • IconPackager must also be installed to apply icon packages to the system