Run Modern apps in a window on your Windows 8 desktop with ModernMix


ModernMix is a revolutionary new program that lets you run Windows 8 "Modern" apps in a window on the desktop.

Windows 8 Modern apps, also known as Metro or RT apps, will use the full screen on your display regardless of how much of the screen they really need. As a result, that weather app, mail program or stock ticker is going to use the entirety of your computer display.

Without ModernMix With ModernMix
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Customize appearance screenshot
Pin Modern apps to the taskbar for quick access
Locate files screenshot
Run multiple Modern apps in individual windows
Control hotkeys screenshot
Switch between several running Modern apps on your desktop
Search documents screenshot
Easily switch between full screen and windowed views
Common shortcuts screenshot
Run the music app while reading through the latest stories
View all programs screenshot
Stream Netflix™ or other videos while running Skype™, and other everyday apps

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System Requirements

Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012/R2

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