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ModernMix Changelog

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ModernMix 1.22 Changelog

  • ModernMix may now be uninstalled after updating from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

ModernMix 1.21 Changelog

  • Fixed user reported issue where Windows would not come to the foreground upon click.

ModernMix 1.20 Changelog

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code
  • 1.20 will not install on the Windows 10 Tech Preview (by design)

ModernMix 1.15 Changelog

  • Performance optimizations and fixes for Windows 8.1 Update [April 2014]
  • Please note that taskbar items that were pinned prior to Windows 8.1 Update 1 will need to be recreated after the ModernMix upgrade install finshes (needs a reboot to complete).
  • Added option to suppress overlay when running full-screen Modern apps
  • Added support for windowed apps to continue to play sound on x86 (was already present on x64)
  • Fixes issues on Windows 8.1 Update where taskbar items were being left behind for some users

ModernMix 1.12 Changelog

  • Performance optimizations and fixes for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 RTM

ModernMix 1.11 Beta Changelog

  • Updates and fixes, particularly for Windows 8.1 RTM

ModernMix 1.10 Changelog

  • Adds support for the Windows 8.1 Preview

ModernMix 1.05 Changelog

  • Adds background sound support for apps which do not explicitly support it (like Netflix).
  • Right click or double-click on the item in the per app section to configure.
  • App settings page lists all installed Modern apps.
  • New right click option to force fullscreen always
  • Create shortcut to app on desktop from within the config UI now force creates the icon (as you may use it before an app has been run)
  • On first-run of the app, a dialog reminds you about the top right corner overlay.
  • Fix for drag to close on a fullscreen app ignoring the return to Windows 8 menu setting
  • Fixed naming of some apps in the list that had yet to be run (they got truncated in error)
  • Fix for Netflix playback when the windows is inactive on a secondary display
  • Tweak to code to detect if the launch is from the Windows 8 menu or elsewhere (some reports it sometimes remembered the Win8 menu launch even after launching something else from a pinned item / Start8 menu)
  • App settings menu now has options to force background sound On / Off. Note that if the app already supports background sound (say YouTube), the off setting has no effect.

ModernMix 1.0a Changelog

  • Additional optimizations and localization support
  • Improved touch response on Surface Pro devices

ModernMix 0.98 Beta Changelog

  • You can now launch Modern apps from the app settings page (right click on app and pick from menu)
  • Winkey + arrows now works in windowed apps
  • Double click on the system icon in the titlebar now correctly closes the app
  • Thumbnail previews now show correctly on fullscreen Modern apps
  • IE windows no longer paint partially incorrectly when inactive
  • Hide overlay until mouseover is now touch compatible
  • Right click spellcheck window now shows correctly in mail
  • Word Twist + few other apps now happy when opening initially in a window
  • Fixed issue with settings page closing in Lunar phases app
  • Fullscreen windowed mode apps (shift + overlay button) now have the overlay working correctly
  • Minimized Modern apps no longer open up when you close other apps

ModernMix 0.96 Beta Changelog

  • Improved usability for control overlay graphics
  • Added button to access the Charms bar from overlay graphic
  • Added option to create desktop shortcuts from the right-click or configuration menu
  • Closed applications no longer show on the Winkey + Tab switcher
  • Assorted improvements and bug fixes
  • New Advanced UI tab
  • Additional options
  • Hide overlay when windowed
  • Ctrl + max button now goes fullscreen
  • Make overlay invisible unless mouseovered
  • Control over when you should return to the Windows 8 menu
  • Settings to limit size
  • Improved touch handling on Surface Pro
  • Option to keep closed apps in the Windows 8 left hand list (defaults to off)
  • On a multi mon system, you can pick an app for the lock screen when the settings app is in a window
  • Mail app should show notifications (if enabled) and show mail on the live tile IF the mail app is minimized or you are in another fullscreen Modern app
  • Opening a normal app over a Modern app should not cause the Modern app to take focus
  • Minimized Modern app should not appear when closing the last non-Modern app

ModernMix 0.95 Beta Changelog

  • Run Windows 8 Modern apps in a window on the desktop
  • Display and pin Modern apps on the taskbar
  • Explicitly close Modern apps by clicking its close button