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Start11, Ready for Windows 11 22H2

Article posted on 5/31/2022

Last week, Microsoft announced that it had signed off on the fall release build of Windows 11, known to many as the 22H2 release. For those keeping score at home, the company notes that Windows 11 build 22621 will be Windows 11 22H2 build.

As a reminder, while we do our best to support Dev channel and Beta releases, our official stance is that we support builds once they are on the Release channel. But, if you are running an Insider build, we do recommend that you enable beta builds of Start11. This is where we will first ship updates that allow Start11 to function on the pre-release versions of Windows 11.

This month, we shipped Start11 v1.24, and with it comes a number of updates/fixes/enhancements that make the app ready to support the next major release of Windows 11. This means that if you are using Start11, make sure to grab the latest build so that your device is ready for when Microsoft presses the big “ship” button to push the update.

We don’t know exactly when Microsoft will push the next major update to Windows 11. Historically, the company has made the release available around October, but considering they've already broken convention with how Windows 10 was updated, it could arrive sooner.

Regardless, Start11 is ready to let you transform your Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktop into a more personal and productive operating space. If you don’t own Start11 yet, you can learn more about the application here.