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Master Skinner Commercial Sites

Article posted on 6/30/2024

It has been requested that we provide a pinned post with the urls of Master Skinners' commercial sites.

We're happy to post this since it helps members and Masters who have brought so much to WinCustomize, and to the wider skinning community over the years. Let's not forget to thank them for their creativity and craftsmanship which brought us all together here and other sites which may have vanished in the past.

We will update things as more come to hand.

Since members may learn of changes before we do, please feel free to post any changes you become aware of and we will amend the list.


1. LightStar: 

On this site, LightStar provides updated skins, both free and premium. He also has provided vStyler's premium skins which he updates with vStyler's consent. His updated free skins are in the Windowblinds gallery here, as well. You can keep current and see his updated skins here as well with links to them on his site:

2. adni18 

On his site, adni18 provides free and premium skins, and live (animated) wallpapers as well as UHD wallpapers and AI wallpapers (frequently updated), gadgets, docks and icons. There is also a link at the bottom of the home page to adni18's digital paintings (

3. neone6:

At the time of this post, the link no longer leads to neone6's themes and neone6's skins are not there. The old link leads to spam sites per LightStar and bobj420 (our thanks!). It's our hope that neone6 will reactivate his site sometime in the future.

Here's a link to Brad Sams's post regarding the change to the Master Skin (Premium skin) program:

As stated above, don't hesitate to add verified changes or additions, etc. as they become known to you.


Several Masters graciously made their Master skins freely available:


retiredmaster (essorant)





[and probably more]

Use the Galleries' search promises as to which may have been updated, although many probably are.