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What kind of games?

Published on Sunday, May 19, 2019 By Timmaigh In

I was surprised to find out about Video Game Machine, this really came out of nowhere, as far i am concerned. I believe it is a great idea and really should cater to the kind of sand-boxey loving gamers, who want not only to play, but create something. I actually suggested something like this myself in the past, although slightly different....

which leads to a question, what kind of game genres are you supposed to be able to create? From the screenshots and description it seems to be all about platformers, action games, perhaps with RPG aspects...which is indeed fine, but given the fact StarDock is a company known for strategy games, i was hoping that would be genre supported as well. Which might be the case, but from the available info it does not seem to be that way. Personally i would be looking forward toward some kind of RTS creator app, based on Ashes - now that would have been awesome.