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Curtains v1.01 Released

Article posted on 7/21/2020

With the release of Curtains 1.01, we are creating this thread so that users can report any observed issues.  

Obtaining Curtains 1.01:

Object Desktop members can get Curtains 1.01 from within Object Desktop Manager

Individual purchases (as well as Object Desktop Members) can also be obtained from your an account page:

For guest check-out purchase (no account), from this link:


Reporting an issue:

Please include the following for anything found:

  • Exact Windows version \ build (winver.exe)
  • Detailed steps to recreate the issue seen
  • Screenshots and videos are very helpful.  Videos can be uploaded to a cloud drive services (GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive, YouTube) and links included in your post.  Images can be directly added.
  • If there are specific apps that Curtains does not work (well) with, please note what apps and their exact versions.  If any app is not common, a link to a trial version would be appreciated.

Note: For any issue reproducible by many (more than one), it is likely that a new thread will be created for it or clients will be directed to one that already exists. 

Thank you all for your interest in Curtains and for helping us make it even better.

Sean Drohan
Stardock Support Manager