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Updates Coming to Today and Tomorrow

Article posted on 1/9/2023

It’s a bit hard to believe that 2022 is now behind us and that 2023 is already burning away with each passing hour. While we accomplished a lot in 2022 - including launching WindowBlinds 11, a brand new affiliate program, delivering big updates to Start11 and a brand new support portal - you will see even bigger transformations for Stardock Software in 2023.

In fact, some of the changes are already live today. We have updated our site to make it easier to access important features and functions from your Stardock account page. We have a new dropdown "dashboard" and have updated how pages are organized and what information is displayed.

As an example, the drop-down menu for your account in the top right corner makes it easier to quickly access your order history. We have also introduced a shortcut that makes it easier for clients with subscriptions to manage those accounts.

Once you log into your account and navigate to the My Downloads section, you will see two new options at the top of the screen that aligns with our dropdowns: Order History and Subscriptions. These two new sections are the result of our efforts to bring more Stardock information to our users in a single viewpoint.

We are not done updating the dashboard section and expect further refinements in the months ahead that should help our users better take advantage of all the advanced functionality our tools provide, such as managing licenses on multiple devices.

Coming later in Q1, you will see new app pages starting to roll out as well. We have redesigned the page experience and are wrapping up the development work to refresh them. These new pages will share a better story about how our apps can improve your workflow as well as show how other users have deployed them, while also bringing our consumer and enterprise pages closer together.

And that’s not all! Like we did last year, there are new products in the pipeline, and we are also expecting to enable a new feature for Object Desktop users. While we are not quite ready to discuss those updates - they need a bit more time in the oven - we promise that they will help enhance our mission of making Windows 10 and 11 more personal and productive.