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Stardock News & Announcements

New Language Support on our Sins Discord

When we first launched our Discord channel for Sins of a Solar Empire, we only supported English communication. However, as the game gained popularity in other parts of the world, we received numerous requests for additional language support. So we decided to add French, German, and Russian...

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Stardock Releases Start11 v1.36

Stardock released Start11 v1.36, which brings with it numerous bug fixes, compatibility updates for using with other Stardock products, and a couple of optimizations on startup. You can download the update now from your Stardock account, or by going to "about" inside the application and checking...

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Sins of a Solar Empire II Releases Stability Update

Sins of a Solar Empire II Releases Stability Update Includes Additions, Fixes and Improvements We're mid-way through November and development has been iterating internally based on the feedback we've gotten from players. This is a stability update to resolve issues we saw from the initial...

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