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Stardock News & Announcements

NOW AVAILABLE: New "Interdimensional" DLC

Fight for Economic Dominance on Mixed Worlds with the Interdimensional DLC Your conquest of offworld markets has taken you not only to Mars, but to the moons of Ceres, Europa, and Io. Each world comes with its own trials and challenges - now, you can face all of them down at once in this new...

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WindowBlinds v10.85 Released

WindowBlinds v10.85 is Now Available Firefox no longer has an issue with the min, max, close buttons clicking when firefox is allowed to skin but the titlebar isn't set to be above tabs. (It will not use the WB skin in this mode) Firefox, when titlebar is above tabs now, paints the caption...

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Groupy v1.48 Beta Released

Groupy v1.48 Beta Fixes the issue with Acrobat when closing the window (note it may not set focus to the next window in the group when closed Fixes the issue with tab colors when the tab bar is full Fixes the issue with Telegram being clipped:  Join the feedback thread 

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