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Save your important data between backups with KeepSafe


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Key Features

  • Improved User Interface.
  • Secondary backup location can be an external hard drive or USB drive.
  • Configurable to save to local storage temporarily and copy to secondary drive when connected.


Have you ever had a document become corrupted just when you were saving it? Have you ever overwritten an important file, wished you could go back to an earlier version, or had your hard drive crash and your most recent backup was a month old? You NEED KeepSafe™!

KeepSafe is the intermediate step needed to secure data between backups. It saves your important files in real-time as you work on them.

File Type Settings



Store backups of protected data to any location the user desires: local hard drive, USB drive, network server, etc. As a result, KeepSafe can be set up as a seamless real-time backup system.

File types

Control exactly which files, folders, and file-types you want protected to ensure that disk space is not wasted and performance maintained at the highest levels.


Individual files

Most other recovery utilities were not designed with users in mind. They restore an entire volume when all you need is one file! With KeepSafe, you restore only what you need.

Version control

KeepSafe allows you to keep copies each time you save an updated file (saving the number of versions that you designated during set-up). KeepSafe will show you all available versions, simply choose the one that you need.

Individual File Recovery
Storage Settings



Easy to use, easy to configure and safe to forget about until you need it.

IT friendly

No need for additional server hardware, licenses, or performing all work on network shares (though KeepSafe will also archive copies of files saved to mapped network drives).

Safe for Windows

KeepSafe integrates directly into the Microsoft Windows™ file system. Stardock's award-winning development team has years of experience in creating software for Windows that integrates into the operating system. As a result, KeepSafe works as if it were natively part of Microsoft Windows.

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit platforms only)
  • Internet Access for Activation