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Optimize the performance and behavior of your Windows® 7 machine!


Tweak7 Screenshot

Key Features

  • Performance optimizing and carbon footprint analysis
  • Start-up program management and program identification
  • Benchmarking and cost of use reports
  • Security handling
  • And more!


Tweak7™ is designed to be the ultimate one-stop tweaking utility for Windows 7 users. It contains dozens of features that encompass nearly every conceivable system tweaking option desired.

What makes Tweak7 particularly special is that it is not just designed for power users. Instead, its features have been carefully crafted for casual, non-technical users as well. All users can now comfortably configure advanced features in clearly labeled, easy to understand language.




Maximize your Tiles experience with built-in pages for different classes of windows - including recent applications.

Customize the Tiles bar - create your own pages to fit your needs.

Create Shortcuts

Add shortcuts to a Tiles page with ease - simply drag your application onto the bar. Create pinned icons for long-term shortcuts. Choose to include system tray icons and eliminate the need for a task bar.



Adjust security features on your computer to better protect against malware or to improve the usability of Windows.


Check that your display drivers are up to date. Old versions may reduce your computer's performance.


Enable network features that Windows does not enable by default to improve your Internet connection in congested situations and on satellite links.


System Requirements

  • Windows® 7
  • 512 MB of system memory
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 width and 768 height