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Community Newsletter #4 - 06/07/2019

Published on Friday, June 7, 2019 By SchismNavigator In Stardock Community Newsletter

Defenders Take Up Arms and Space is Getting Crowded


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The Horizon


Siege of Centauri Beta 2



Culminating from a series of feature updates, changes, and bug fixes, we are excited to announce the release of Beta 2 of Siege of Centauri for all early access owners!


Set in the Ashes of the Singularity™ universe, Siege of Centauri places the player in the role of commander of the defense of Earth's first colony on Proxima Centauri. Beta 2’s new equip screen allows players to customize the towers they bring into every mission, allowing for more meaningful strategic choices.


“The enemy has a wide range of units seeking to destroy your colony,” said Derek Paxton, lead designer. “Players have access to a wide array of towers, each with unique capabilities, to choose from. Beta 2 allows players to pick the towers they want to use, rather than the game deciding for them.”


Beta 2 also adds new missions for players to explore, including one that introduces large and powerful war machines called Dreadnoughts for the first time. They will need to overcome this powerful new challenge as they deal with the swarms of enemies already attacking their base.


The Early Access program is designed to allow fans to have input into game mechanics, pacing, and balance. Stardock has been releasing frequent updates based on player feedback.


“Weekly digital updates based on player feedback well before release lets us get to a level of balance and polish that traditionally had to wait for post-release updates,” said Paxton. “We’ve been really happy with how the fans have helped shape this game so far.”


Siege of Centauri is currently in Early Access on Steam and through Stardock for $9.99. The final version is expected to sell for $14.99.


The Video Game Machine Founders Launch


Yes, it is finally here!


On May 29th, we released The Video Game Machine to everyone who has pre-ordered as a founder. We are distributing directly with a custom client, but it already includes The Arcade, a feature that lets you upload your games whilst downloading those that other people have made!


But wait, that's not all! Thanks to the tremendously helpful feedback here on our forums as well as on Discord, we were able to work on a small but significant update that came out last week.


Do not forget to check out head mad scientist and creator of The Video Game Machine, the one and only Scott, as he makes posts about The Video Game Machine. His dev diaries include inspirations from the past and insights into the underlying tools at your disposable in VGM, such as the gizmos.


Sins Remastered v0.93b Release


No rest for the modders as the Sins Remastered mod received an update this month. The big change was fixing dwarf planets and ensuring compatibility with other select mods, although this mod can work with others to varying degrees.


You can check out this new update and more on their page here.



Stargate Races r1.04 Release


Stargate Races is a mod which adds various ships from the Stargate franchise to Sins of a Solar Empire. It too has received an update that coincides with the Remastered mod this month. The two are compatible so you can look good whilst you blow up pyramids.


Whilst not always getting the same level of interest as some of the other total conversion mods, it has been steadily updated for the last few months with the latest release having come out only a few days ago.


You can find full details of this release on their ModDB page here.





The Forge




Though there are many fantastic and hardworking creators of factions and ships for Galactic Civilizations III, there are some who stand out more than most. For our first edition of the newsletter we talked about Airmaster, but this time we are going to take a look at the works of Omnibus.



From the Psion Harbingers, a complete faction comprised of a complete suit of ships, to specific ships like the Mercury Longfang Dreadnought, Omnibus has been hard at work for many years, creating both original works and recreations of popular science fiction ships, such as the Borg.







The Sarcastic Raptor's Stargate Races Mod Playthrough



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