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Save up to 75% on Stardock games, DLC, and software in the Steam Summer Sale!

Make a Splash with Savings over 75% on Stardock Games and Software! The Steam Summer Sale is Here STEAM KEYS ARE PROVIDED WITH PURCHASEStar Control: Origins $29.99 Now $11.99 - 60% Off Galactic Civilizations III (Includes FREE: Crusade and Retribution Expansions, Mega Events DLC) $39.99 Now $13.19 - 67% Off Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation $29.99 Now $13.49 - 55% Off Offworld Trading Company (Includes FREE: Jupiter's Forge Expansion and Almanac DLC) $29.99 Now $11.... [read more]

6/23/2022 By Tatiora in Stardock Entertainment Announcements

Galactic Civilizations IV v1.04: Take Command with New Executive Orders and Repel Invasions with Improved Military Starbases

New Executive Orders and Improved Military StarbasesGet GalCiv IV Now  |  v1.04 Changelog Choose your own civilization. Enlist Pirate Fleet.  Top Features in v1.04Improved Military Starbases  Now protect planets in their radius from invasion. If you want to take them, you have to take out the starbase first.   New Executive Orders Enlist Pirate Fleet - Take control of a pirate fleet. This is only available to the Xeloxi (or other civilizati... [read more]

6/16/2022 By redskittlesonly in GalCiv IV News

GalCiv IV Dev Journal #20 - Deals of the Xeloxi (and v1.04 Preview)

  Today I decided to play a game as the Xeloxi. They are a tough civilization to play - so much so that I almost put a warning on them (as well as a few other civilizations) stating that they weren't a good selection for first-time players. They certainly run a difficulty level harder than the Terran Alliance. I've always loved the Xeloxi's style and the concept of a crime-based civilization. Every Xeloxi citizen is a criminal, meaning that high crime is just a consequence of play... [read more]

6/9/2022 By DerekPaxton in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

Galactic Civilizations IV v1.03 Brings Custom Civ Sharing and New Events

Create and Share Custom Civilizations in the Galactic Civilizations IV v1.03 UpdateGet GalCiv IV Now  |  v1.03 Changelog Create your own civilization. Share and download community made civilizations. Galactic Civilizations IV released last month, and we're here with its first of many updates. If you've created an awesome civilization that you're just dying to share with the world, your time has come: v1.03 is here and the civilization workshop is open for business! ... [read more]

5/26/2022 By Tatiora in GalCiv IV News

GalCiv IV Dev Journal #19 - The Roadmap

With Galactic Civilizations IV now generally available it’s time to talk about…THE FUTURE. First, we’re really glad you guys seem to like the game.  Releasing a game, especially one where people have been working on for years, is, as you can imagine, very stressful.  This is doubly true when the game tries out so many new things. Below is a very tentative roadmap of what we expect to release and in what order.  This is all subject to change based on feedba... [read more]

5/5/2022 By Frogboy in GalCiv IV Dev Journals

GalCiv IV Review/Let's Play Round-up

As reviews and let's plays start rolling in, we will share some of our favorites here.Reviews88/100, COG Connected "There’s been a lot of innovation in strategy games in the last few years, and Galactic Civilizations IV is not a revolution. It’s a sequel, bigger, neater, and smoother. All the things a sequel hopes to be. With so many new, fizzy strategy games, it’s nice to see a long-running series retain its core and its spirit. Galactic Civilizations IV is safe and deeply pl... [read more]

4/28/2022 By redskittlesonly in GalCiv IV News

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