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GalCiv III: Top Fan Favorite Faction Designs

Kzinti Patriarchy by Airmaster The race of cat-like aliens originally created by Laren Niven and brought to life for GC3 by Airmaster. This faction pack includes the unique race itself and a wide selection of ships to choose from. The Kzinti, a large canivourous cat-like species from a world known as Kzinhome orbiting star 61 in the Ursae Majoris constellation. Based on the Larry Niven sci-fi novels Man-Kzin Wars. The Kzinti Race Civ is a full playable custom civilization that already i... [read more]

10/21/2020 By SchismNavigator in GalCiv III Dev Journals

Featured Community-Made Ships from GalCiv III

One of the greatest aspects of having a mod friendly game is seeing the awesome, creative designs our users come up with. Whether it's a design inspired by your favorite universe, or a unique design pulled from your brain - I'm always impressed. From the smallest designs to the insanely detailed, you can find a ship design for any occasion. Today I'm sharing some of the most popular designs submitted through the Steam Workshop. With all the content for GalCiv it's difficult to narrow it down ... [read more]

10/1/2020 By MindlessMe in GalCiv III Dev Journals

News: Ashes of the Singularity Escalation September 2020

RebalanceThe v2.93 opt-in continues to receive updates. Over this month we have added some new graphical improvements. But more excitingly we are in the process of a large rebalancing effort. Some of the changes being planned include some alterations to the Substrate to bring them more in line with overall army balancing. So keep an eye on the opt-in as we continue to work on it in October. Publisher SaleWe had our publisher sale this month. Among the games on offer was also Ashes of the S... [read more]

9/30/2020 By SchismNavigator in Ashes Dev Journals

The Political Machine 2020 v1.31 - The Big Issues

Hard to believe there are only 6 weeks until election day! With a new slew of issues on everyone's minds, we thought it would be a good week to make some additions to bring the state of the game in line with the state of the race. New Issues National Mask Mandate: Should the federal government or regional authorities be in charge of determining the laws of mask wearing during a pandemic? Additional Stimulus Checks: Do you support sending citizens a second stimulus check and risk a b... [read more]

9/23/2020 By ScottTykoski in Political Machine News

Most Interesting Political Machine 2020 YouTube Videos

The Political Machine has always been a game that gets users excited for the upcoming election. It also allows users to make the calls they wish our politicians would make... here are a couple of high viewed, interesting videos from the community.       *The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of Stardock. Any content provided by bloggers or authors are of their opinion and are... [read more]

9/14/2020 By redskittlesonly in Political Machine News

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation - August 2020

New PatchThis month we have been at work on some re-balancing, graphical improvements, and minor bug fixes in the v2.93 patch for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. This patch is still a work in progress and we are keeping it in the oven until we think it is ready. The Patch notes (not exhaustive of all changes) can be found here when we update the opt-in: Our regular community games often include having this opt-in enabled so we can test ... [read more]

9/1/2020 By SchismNavigator in Ashes of the Singularity News

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